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Welcome to your Outdoor Adventure Connection

Life is an adventure. Leave your everyday surroundings behind and step into nature. We connect you to the outdoors through exercise and recreation. You and our expert guides will journey through majestic forests, along scenic waterways, and over pristine mountains. Whether it's a backpacking, hiking, or camping trip, we'll create an epic adventure for you and lasting memories.

Choose Outdoor Adventure Connection

At Outdoor Adventure Connection we have a passion for getting people outdoors. With our expertise and your love of nature, we can connect you with an outdoor adventure you will never forget. We can tailor a back-country experience to suit your needs whether it is a day hike or a week-long trip. Let us take you there. Join one of our group trips or let us customize a trip for you. Meet like-minded people who enjoy outdoor activities and make some new friends.

Live, Learn and Love Adventure!

Our Philosophy

We firmly believe that outdoor recreation leads to a healthier and more satisfying life. We know that natural settings rejuvenate and calm the mind. Exercise in a natural setting is good for the mind and good for the body. Our trips help you reduce stress, increase confidence, and improve aerobic and cardiovascular fitness. We design our adventures so you can connect with nature to embrace the benefits of the great outdoors.

Why We Do This

There is an unwritten rule among honorable adventurers that says once you achieve, you have a duty to inspire. At Outdoor Adventure Connection we have experienced many adventures and traveled in many places. We feel it is our duty to inspire others to experience the great outdoors. Let us bring out the adventurer in you.

Leave No Trace

We practice and teach Leave No Trace principles. We believe in responsible outdoor recreation and minimizing our impact to the backcountry. Our guides are trained in Leave No Trace. We'll show you the importance these eco-friendly backcountry ethics.

Come join us on our next adventure!

Loved the caving and guided hikes, also loved the attention to detail and all the small touches.Maria D.